Yoga Studio Classes // Come Flow With Me!


Apr 20

Yoga studio classes with me are now available! YAY! Now you can come flow with me every week! 🙂

I have added 2 new classes to my weekly schedule; I will be teaching Vinyasa Flow at Sweatheory in Hollywood every Tuesday and Friday morning @ 7:15AM!!

wild thing

Sweatheory has been one of my FAVORITE places to go to sweat it out and detox in their Infrared Saunas

( I have shared about this amazing place in a previous post which you can read by clicking here )

And just when I thought this place couldn’t get any better, they go and blow my mind by opening a yoga studio! It’s not just any regular yoga studio either, it’s a Far Infrared Yoga Studio, the only one of it’s kind. Beside it being GORGEOUS inside, it’s completely built from natural and untreated materials; 100% bamboo flooring, the room is 100% untreated Cedar, there is a pink Himalayan salt wall for air purification, and the ceiling is lined with Wave Length chakra medical grade healing lights… I mean….. MAGICAL. 

sweatheory yoga studio

The room has the most amazing energy, and after personally flowing in the space I realized just how incredible this yoga studio is; each class is going to be incredibly detoxifying, balancing and healing.

sweatheory yoga hollywood

Aside from the yoga studio, the rest of Sweatheory is so so pretty too, I could literally hang out there all day lol. The locker area is gorgeous, they have the cutest merch (that Born to Sweat pullover though !!!!!), amazing crystals, Doterra oils, sage, palo santo and all sorts of wellness goodies. In addition to the infrared saunas, and now yoga studio classes, they also offer vitamin injections, IV drips, various detoxifying treatments, crystal healing/readings AND they are attached to Life Food Organic (they have amazing fresh, whole, unrefined, unprocessed, living, plant-based foods, drinks and cleanses!!)

Come start your day off with a cayenne shot and yoga in this amazing Far Infrared yoga studio with me every Tuesday and Friday morning at 7:15AM! 

You can sign up by downloading the free Sweathoery app in the App Store!

PS: They have awesome membership deals // Drop in rate is $25 or come with a friend and only pay $45 for both of you 🙂

Hope to see you in class soon!