Savasana Songs | September 2018


Sep 4

Hi yogis!! Today I wanted to share a few of my very favorite savasana songs that will take your (or your yoga students) final resting pose to a deeper level! You may or may not know this, but before I was pursing yoga as a full time career I was pursuing a career in music! I sing, play guitar and piano; I grew up in a musical household and love love love music, which is why creating playlists for each of the classes I teach (and even for my personal practice) is so important to me; it is a way for me to incorporate my love of music into what I am doing now, plus I feel like a good playlist really sets the vibe! If you want me to create and share more playlists or do a monthly playlist let me know in the comments below!

GOOD savasana songs can be hard to come by, and while I would love to keep all these goodies to myself it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share them with my fellow yoga teachers! 🙂

Savasana is more than just a final resting pose; it’s really the main focus in an asana practice. Believe it or not, it’s what we work for all throughout the entire yoga class: complete stillness in the body and in the mind. It’s the pose that leaves us feeling like we’ve hit an internal reset button. Savasana is just magical.

Complete surrender in savasana is an art in itself, and as a yoga teacher we are essentially preparing and then guiding our yogis to this sweet spot of total surrender. A really important part of creating a magical savasana is having beautifully calming, comforting music to help guide the minds of our students to let go and figuratively melt into this restorative and powerful pose.

If you’re looking for some savasana inducing tunes then you’ve come to the right place; I have been LOVING these songs to play in my classes for savasana, and I even use them for my own personal home practice as well!

Om Prana by Rara Avis

Pure Space by Sol Rising

And She Translated Into the Sky by Levi Patel

Patterns by Steve Gibbs

Gold Star Mothers by Hammock

Deep Theta 6 Hz by Steve Halpern

Yo La Tengo by Green Arrow

Radiance by Slow Dancing Society

Floating World by Hammock

PS: I use Spotify to create playlists for all of my yoga classes…. and for pretty much everything I do that allows for music 🙂  you can see all of my public playlists on Spotify by searching my name: namastshay 🙂 And like I said above, if you guys are into it maybe I can post monthly playlists!? LMK!! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily updates/yoga/recipe- basically all the things 😉 Enjoy! xo