Plank Pose


Nov 7

Plank Pose

The yoga pose of the week over here at Namastshay is Plank Pose!

Each week I will be sharing a yoga pose on my blog and Instagram – breaking the pose down from head to toe, with easy to understand alignment points and adjustments to (hopefully) help you improve (or start!) your yoga practice! 🙂

plank pose yoga

On my Instagram you’ll find a photo like this one ↑ that will include a few alignment tips; but I will also be posting more in depth alignment points and information about the pose of the week here on my blog too!! Yay! If there are any poses you want to see in particular please leave me a comment and I will be sure to include it! xo

Plank Pose

Benefits of this asana: plank pose strengthens the upper body while toning the abdominal muscles!

How to: Plank Pose

  1. Lowering down from Adho Mukha (Downward Facing Dog) or stepping back from Uttanasana (Flat Back/Half Way)  hands are shoulder width apart and feet are hip distance apart
  2. Place the hands directly under the shoulders
  3. Hands press firmly into the mat, fingers spread wide, pointer finger is facing the front of your mat (your other fingers may be slightly turned out to accommodate this!)
  4. Actively press the mat away from you, eliminating space between the mat and the mound of your hand between your index finger and thumb
  5. Your tail bone is tucking under to eliminate any arching in the lower back
  6. Aim for one long line from your heels to the crown of your head
  7. Shoulders are down away from the ears
  8. Bring your gaze between the hands to elongate the neck
  9. Pull up through your belly button, engaging your Uddiyana Banda
  10. Engage the legs and send energy back  through the heels

P.S. Thank you to my friends at Alo Yoga for allowing me to shoot in their beautiful Beverly Hills yoga studio! And, in case you’re wondering: my outfit is by Alo Yoga 😉