Mountain Pose


Nov 21

Mountain Pose

The yoga pose of the week over here at Namastshay is Mountain Pose!

Each week (or so!) I will be sharing a yoga pose on my blog and Instagram – breaking the pose down from head to toe, with easy to understand alignment points and adjustments to (hopefully) help you improve (or start!) your yoga practice! 🙂

mountain pose yoga

On my Instagram you’ll find a photo like this one ↑ that will include a few alignment tips; but I will also be posting more in depth alignment points and information about the pose of the week here on my blog too!! Yay! If there are any poses you want to see in particular please leave me a comment and I will be sure to include it! xo

Mountain Pose | Tadasana

[ How to pronounce: Tah-da-saw-nah]

Tadasana, or Mountain Pose is a standing posture. It may also be referred to as Samasthiti depending on the style of yoga you are practicing.

Benefits of this asana: Mountain pose provides the foundational alignment for all yoga poses and helps guide practitioners towards proper posture!

How to: Mountain Pose

  1. Start at the top of your mat, feet together, toes and knees facing directly ahead
  2. You can separate the feet hip distance apart if that is more comfortable for you
  3. Add a micro-bend in the knee if there is any overextending in the legs; work towards one long line from ankle up through the legs and low back
  4. Tuck the tail bone down to avoid over arching in the back
  5. pull the frontal ribcages in- engaging your Uddiyanda Banda (core)
  6. Shoulders roll back and down creating space between your ears and shoulders
  7. Engage the arms by wrapping the outer arms
  8. Find your drishti or looking place straight ahead at eye level or close the eyes for an inward gaze
  9. Energetically spread the mat apart with your feet, engaging the legs
  10. Open hands, energy in the fingers, palms facing the front of the space


P.S. Thank you to my friends at Alo Yoga for allowing me to shoot in their beautiful Beverly Hills yoga studio! And, in case you’re wondering: my outfit is by Alo Yoga 😉