Let Yoga Be Thy Medicine


Apr 25

Babes; drop the fat burners, throw out the digestive medication, flush your pain killers.


There are no side effects of a yoga routine other than it causing optimal health, an increase in happiness and patience, and provides countless physical and mental tools that help you to live your very best life as your very best self. Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy, balanced mind and lifestyle.

Now I understand there are some things that do require medical attention… I am also well aware that I am not a doctor, so of course I am not suggesting you stop anything serious prior to seeking advice from your medical doctor.

However, what I am suggesting is this: start practicing yoga!

The art of ‘right’ living AKA Yoga, was perfected and practiced in India thousands of years ago. The benefits of practicing Yoga, both the asana practice (which are the physical poses), as well as the other 7 limbs of yoga (which are the ethical precepts/moral guidelines for how we treat those around us & how we treat ourselves/our bodies) are truly endless. There is no one I tell you, NO ONE!!!! that a yoga routine can’t help. Yoga’s main goal is to use the breath and the body to foster an awareness of ourselves, it is about creating and maintaining balance, thus creating equanimity and harmony.

Tell me one single medication that can;

Increase your flexibility

Protect you from injury

Heal your injuries

Increase your circulation

Build muscle strength and tone your entire body

Give you peace and tranquility

Calm the mind

Increase your rational thinking

Relieve your stress, tension and pain

Help you focus

Build your immune system

Increase your metabolism

Make you happier

Strengthen and purify your relationships with others and yourself

Aid in digestion

[there are tons more but I’ll leave it at that]

…..?….. Anything you know of? Yeah, me either babe. That’s why I am yoga obsessed!

If perfection existed on our planet, to me this way of living would be it. Yoga doesn’t discriminate, it’s for everybody and every body. There is a style of practice for everyone, no matter your current physical level or physical/mental capacity; all you need is your body and your breath.

Don’t know where to start? I got you babe, leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to share with you the studios I love, suggestions for class types/levels, and answer any other questions!

Give your body and mind a healthy dose of yoga and see what you discover