Create a Home Yoga Space


Oct 26

It may seem like an obvious thing for me to do, to create a home yoga space – but the idea for this stemmed from a need for CHANGE. I needed a major shift not just in my surroundings, but internally.

Did you know that your environment can directly affect your mood, your productivity and your creativity?

It’s a proven fact: beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive!

 Does your home inspire you?

I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I felt a heavy energy that seemed to loom in my living room area. This lazy vibe consistently guided me to the couch, and then energetically glued me there every time I walked in the door (I say energetically because we all know I ultimately chose to glue myself to the couch.) No matter how determined I was to “get back on track and create!” I’d walk in the door and instead of creating, I’d plop myself down on the couch, and inevitably turn on the T.V. and before I knew it the day was gone, and nothing got done (except 95 episodes of Friends on Netflix).

I didn’t feel that in the apartment itself when I first came to look at it prior to moving in; but as soon as I got all of my furniture in and “settled” something felt off. In every apartment I’ve lived in since moving out at 19, I’ve always been able to walk into a blank space, and instantly know exactly what I wanted to do with it; but this apartment was different. My furniture didn’t seem to fit well (the space wasn’t necessarily smaller, but the way it was laid out posed a challenge to me) and I couldn’t seem to get things into a place that felt good to me. When I first decided on how I wanted to design the space all I wanted was blank, minimalist, clean, empty walls, space…space, space, space. It seemed like every other day I was moving things around trying to figure out WHY I disliked the vibe in there, and no combination left me feeling comfortable or happy. Now looking back I see the “space-space-space-blank-white-empty” thought process makes SO sense, and it really is so representative of the space I was in; that was such a transformational time for me! Energetically I needed the space, I needed the emptiness, I needed the room to transform and evolve so I could figure out who I was at this new stage in my life.

After months of painfully enduring this slow, lazy energy, it hit me one morning upon waking up: my current space is not only not reflecting who am I presently, but it is not inspiring me to do the things I want (and need) to do every day to build my dream life. It wasn’t that my home wasn’t beautiful, or comfortable (see below for before photos) but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

“My priority and most important project is building habits that my happiness and freedom require” -Yung Pueblo

So I got to work. The process started with lots of meditation, mood boards, brain storming ideas, journaling, and lots of self-reflection: I started to ask myself questions to get a clear idea of  how I want to experience this life, what I want my daily life to look like, and how I can create a space that supports all of that.

Here are some of the questions that helped me decide what to do:

What do I want to be doing more of?

What do I want my day to day life to look like? ( ex: wake up, meditate, stretch, yoga etc.)

What colors make me feel happy and good?

What words best describe the feelings I want my space to invoke?

After answering these questions for myself, I quickly realized that what I wanted (and needed) was a space that inspired me to create, to feel calm, to practice yoga, to meditate, and to live in a more mindful way, on a daily basis.

And just like that, the decision was made: I was going to create a home yoga space!


How to: Create a Home Yoga Space

# 1: Make a mood board & gather ideas

boho home decor

I searched endlessly online for ideas and inspo! I never ended up finding anything on Pinterest that inspired my space as a whole, but looking online really helped. Urban Outfitters and World Market were my go-tos for all of the boho decor! I collaged, saved, deleted, and changed my “plan” a hundred times before deciding on the few pieces I purchased. This is actually the original mood board I made!

 Once I decided on the colors and vibe I wanted for the space, I drew everything out so I could decide what I actually needed, and where I thought everything might go.

# 2: Put your ideas into action!

# 3: Must have items to create a home yoga space

A good yoga mat ( mine are from JADE yoga !)

Colors that inspire all of the feel good vibes


Plant life

Yoga tune up balls & a foam roller to roll out sore muscles

Meditation cushion or soft rug (or both!)

Yoga blocks (Mine are from JADE yoga!)

Inspiring quotes


Yoga blanket

Palo Santo and/or Sage to cleanse your space

Journal for you to write all of your big ideas in


my home yoga space


I am absolutely in love with my new space! AND I am happy to report that I now get up in the morning and feel inspired to get on my mat, create, write, stretch, move, practice, and meditate. Some days the motivation and inspiration flows effortlessly, and some days it doesn’t. And for those days it doesn’t it’s so very helpful to have a space that gently encourages me to do the things that my happiness and freedom require. Positive habits can take work- why not set yourself up for success!? Make it a little easier for yourself by creating a space that you feel connected to, and one that inspires you to build those daily habits with joy and ease!

If you have any questions about any of the items in my new yoga space feel free to leave me a comment below!