Bali Yoga Teacher Training Checklist


Jul 25

So you’re going to Bali for a yoga teacher training.. HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITING! I am currently in Bali completing my certification (this is my 3rd teacher training!) and I am loving it!!! You are going to have the BEST time! Teacher trainings are so so special, but getting to do it in Bali is even more magical!! Soak it up bb!!! Before you head out here is my Bali yoga teacher training checklist of random tips and tricks to help make your travels stress-free and smooth!

bali yoga teacher training checklist

Bali Yoga Teacher Training Checklist

 really random things that will make your travels stress-free + easy!

→ Itinerary: Write out every step of your trip with flight info + addresses + phone numbers of where you will be staying and keep it in the notes section of your phone for easy reference! Also a good idea to send to a friend or parent… just in case!

→ Visas: When traveling to Bali you DO NOT need a visa as long as you are in and out in 30 days.. if you plan to stay longer I would look into getting a visa! PS: This is for US citizens 🙂

→ Travel insurance: accidents happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry so get some travelers insurance! I found out that one of my credit cards (Capital One Venture) actually comes with some basic travelers insurance if I booked the trip using my credit card (which I did) but I also purchased additional travelers insurance just to make sure I was covered medical wise. I used SquareMouth and it was super easy!

→ Cell phone: When you arrive in Bali at the airport stop at a TELKOMSEL booth and get a SIM card with data! It is so cheap and easy, you just put the SIM card into your phone (this is for iPhone users) and save your US SIM card for once you return to the states. With an Indonesian SIM card you can use your phone fairly normally… I am using WhatsApp to call + text, plus my internet and apps like Instagram! going it this way is sooooo much cheaper than getting an international phone plan through your cell phone provider!!

→ $$: most places will accept your credit card (don’t forget to let you bank + CC’s know you’re traveling!) but it’s also a good idea to get cash! Get it at the airpot upon arrival!

→ Getting around: Before you head out download GOJEK and Grab – they are like the Uber/Lyft apps of Indonesia and are incredibly helpful!

→ Jet lag: Arrive a day or 2 early so you can allow your body to adjust to the time change! For me Bali is 15 hours ahead and I have a fairly delicate sleep schedule (I am not a good sleeper sadly) so on the plane ride over I already stuck to the timezone I would be spending the next month in and I arrived to Bali 2 days early so I could allow for jet lag before my training began. Also helpful? Melatonin with CBD to help me sleep!

→ Airport Pickup: Bali is the farthest I have ever traveled, and since I was traveling solo for the first part of my trip + I have never been here before it was important for me to try to make this trip as stress-free as possible; part of that was not having to deal with getting a taxi to my hotel upon arrival. I emailed my hotel at the time of booking and was able to really easily set up airport pickup upon my arrival for just $20 USD. It was so so easy I landed got my bags and there was a driver there with my name on it waiting for me; so stress-free!

→ First night: My training is on an island off of Bali which requires a boat (obvi) to get to, so instead of landed and hopping straight on a boat after 30+ hours of travel I arrived early and booked a night at a hotel on the mainland so that I could eat, shower, rest and refresh before continuing my travels to my YTT location; this was such a good idea for me!!!! I also got a really nice massage at my hotel the first night which was soooo needed after 30+ hours of travel!

→ Supplies: don’t forget to bring a notebook + pens + highlighters! You are after all, in school! Also SO GLAD I brought a few soft “sweat towels” with me to take with me to practice + hand sanitizer!! I really wis I would’ve brought my refillable water bottle and reusable coffee cup – next time I will absolutely be traveling with those!

→ Connect: try to connect with other yogis in your training via a Facebook group if possible! See who else has an aligned travel schedule so you can link up and have a travel buddy! I was able to connect with a few people and we took the boat over to the island together which relieved some stress for me 🙂

→ Yoga Mat: Upon booking my trip I thought that I would want to bring my travel mat because it was lighter and thinner to carry and travel with, but after some thought I realized it was important for me to bring my regular thick mat with me instead! You will be training and practicing for 200 hours (or maybe 300 if you’re doing an advanced training!) and you want to be comfortable so that you can focus on retaining info!

→ What to pack: It’s hot, it’s humid and you will be sweating your tooshie off practicing so pack comfortable breathable athletic wear! For 30 days I packed about 9 pairs of leggings, 4 pairs of comfy loose fitting pants that I could wear not only to practice in but also wear around town or even sleep in, and then I packed about 6 pairs of biker shorts + 10 sports bras!  I also did a fun little pack with me video which you can check out here! 

→ Backpack: I am so glad I brought my Alo Yoga backpack with me! I have been using it every single day!!!

→ Portable charger: I am obsessed with my portable charger I got on Amazon.. great to have with you when you’re on an all day excursion an duding your phone for navigation and photos… I actually use it a lot at home as well!

→ Extra Time: If you are able to swing it give yourself some extra tome to explore new areas around Bali! After my training I am going to Canggu for a week and I am so so so glad I am doing that as this training has been A LOT of work and I will def need some time to rest and relax post training! 

Hope my Bali yoga teacher training checklist helps! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave me a comment below I am happy to help ya in any way that I can! Also, be sure to check out more of my Bali content on my YouTube channel!