Words of Wisdom: No Such Thing As Random


May 10

‘Words of wisdom’. What a concept right? Nothing is ever random… Sometimes sh*t hits the fan I’m like… really???? THIS is really necessary for me to go through for… what reason??? UGH! Life can throw some tough curve balls, huh?

The good, the bad, even the ugly… all of it; never random? This is something that I think of often, especially in times where my strength and emotional endurance is being tested. I like to believe that everything happens for a good reason because quite simply, for me it’s a way to streamline hope and faith to my life when things are in disarray, or are not going the way I had planned. I’m assuming some of you reading are currently doing some serious eye rolling right now as you’re second guessing this belief system…So let me touch on that for a quick sec; you know what? Fine…maybe, just maybe, it is random, but who really knows anyways? And actually, who cares? Why not believe that things are all happening as they should be? What a better way to think of things, what a better, more positive light to sit in, to simply think that nothing that occurs is ever random. That every single thing is happening FOR A REASON. A very great reason for that matter. Each event leading you to where you are meant to be. I mean, when I look back on my life everything that has occurred has happened for a great reason for me. I’m living proof. Whether it unfolded into a better opportunity on its own, or whether I chose to find the lesson in it and turn it into an opportunity for growth. None of it was random. I’m sure if you took a moment (or a few) to reflect, you too would see nothing in your life was ever random. Everything that you have experienced thus far has served a purpose.

This choice, that path, this person, that mistake.. all of them, words of wisdom: ALL of the decisions you make day in and day out, all leading you to your greatness, to ultimate fulfillment and happiness; leading you towards love and leading you to equanimity. Why not choose that belief system in the moments of tribulations? And actually, even in the moments of triumphs for that matter. Why not??!

You may be asking.. “But, where am I? I’m not where I want to be! I’m not experiencing bliss, or love, or success..”

Where are you? You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Maybe you’re still currently in the process, I know I am. Embrace where you are. YOUR ARE HERE babe. (In case you missed it, that was a reference to Thich Nhat Hanh’s book You Are Here, if you haven’t read it yet, please go read it, it’s life changing!!!!)  You are present. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You may not be able to understand why, but you will in time. Trust the timing of your life. Trust your intuition. Stay confident. Honor how you are feeling. Stay flexible. Be ok with some things NOT working out, you may not understand why now, but you will in time. I don’t believe in random occurrences, I truly believe that in time you will discover all of it was never random. Trust yourself. The journey you are on now, is the path that will lead you to your future, your future which is full of all of the greatness you’ve ever dreamed of for yourself. All of it is just one step away from where you are now. All it takes is you; giving attention to your intuition, and undivided commitment to being in the present moment.

Side Note: If you make a point to be present, you will realize even the journey yields much joy.. it’s all in your perspective

Things may not have happened as you had hoped. Maybe your childhood was upsetting or confusing. Maybe that first love didn’t turn out to be your one and only love. Maybe those poor choices you made caused you turmoil. Have faith; because when it is all finished, I do believe, you will discover none of it was ever random.