My First Psychic Reading with Psychic Encounters!


Jun 12

Before I get into this post, I just want to thank my friends at Psychic Encounters for sponsoring this post! WOW WOW WOW… I just had my first ever psychic reading done, and I did it VIRTUALLY with Psychic Encounters and all I can say is WOW. Ok, that’s not all I have to say but I am truly blown away by my experience! It was not at all what I expected!

It’s no secret I am into all things manifestation, energy, and intuition. My apartment is littered with healing crystals and spiritual texts, I have a daily meditation practice where I tap into the energy of the universe, and I have devoted my life to the practice (and sharing) of yoga! Knowing all of that, one might assume that I’ve dabbled in psychic readings as well, but I haven’t…until now!!

Let me be clear here my babes, while I’ve never had any harsh judgments about psychic readings whatsoever, I definitely had an idea in my head of what I *thought* it was, and because of that assumption there was some fear around it as well. If I’m being honest here, I  had a hard time wrapping my mind around someone telling me what was going to happen to me (like I assumed would happen) because I do believe in free will and the power of CHOICES. 

With all of that being said, fear and assumptions aside, I have always been curious about psychic readings; but with all the uncertainty I built up around the whole experience in my mind I’ve never taken the leap to actually do it. How do I find the right person? Where do I go? What if they tell me something I don’t want to hear? What’s going to happen?? So.Many.Questions. (!!!!)

With the extra time I’ve had since staying home over the last 2 months, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I’ve been thinking about my future, what it means to be single during this time, the possibility of a future partnership/family, and oddly enough, I have been thinking a lot about getting a psychic reading (side note can we just take a moment to acknowledge that OF COURSE, I start to really feel eager to try it now that everything is closed down and we have to stay home lol.)… anyways, to put it simply: my curiosity has grown with each passing week.

I was about ready to just put my desire for a psychic reading on hold but then I found Psychic Encounters; they offer readings VIRTUALLY! I LOVE that they do readings virtually because a) that means I don’t have to wait (lol), and b) I can do it from home in my safe space! I was a little anxious before, not even going to lie – I didn’t know what to expect!; but having my reading done while I was in the comfort of my own home brought a level of calmness and soul-deep comfort to the entire experience.

Their psychics specialize in love and relationships, money and career, life path and destiny, and anything else in the Universe you need help navigating.

My first psychic reading was so therapeutic, restorative, and brought me so much clarity and confidence. It wasn’t at all what I expected, it was even better. My assumptions of what I thought it would be (on this date this will happen etc) quickly dissolved with each passing moment during my Psychic Encounters call. It was less about definitive statements and more about ENERGY and positivity, which I am so into. Everything we discussed truly just affirmed everything I felt deep down, and hearing it from a complete stranger that had no other information about me other than my name and birthdate gave me so much peace. I actually vlogged my entire experience which you can watch by clicking here! I go into more detail in the video 🙂 

Ok, let’s switch gears for a sec and talk logistics about Psychic Encounters, because these major advantages of using the Psychic Encounters app are truly what sold me on choosing to have my first psychic experience!!

First of all,  I love the simplicity of the Psychic Encounters app itself: their app is SUPER easy and straightforward to use.

Their readings are super affordable, there are no packages to buy or confusing subscriptions to decode and the prices are CLEAR. They have a plethora of talented intuitives that bring their own unique gifts to the table – you can browse through all of their intuitives and take your time finding the person that resonates with you the most by reading their reviews and bio!

In addition to phone conversations, their new chat feature (accessible via the site or app) allows for privacy. Whether you’re at work, on a date, with friends/family, or just don’t want to be overheard, you don’t have to let your surroundings get in the way of getting the answers you need by utilizing the chat feature! Plus, if you get a reading via the chat feature you have access to your reading for up to 60 days after your session (which I love!!)

Psychic Encounters has been a part of the psychic world for a long time now and they’ve started to realize how confusing it can be for you to get a psychic reading. Their goal is to get back to the core of psychic readings: Helping YOU get the answers YOU need.

With all the changes that come our way, sometimes it’s hard to adapt and we enter a cycle of uncertainty and distrust in our surroundings… and even in ourselves and our own intuition. Psychic Encounters is just another powerful resource for you to use to navigate “check-ins” with your inner self and provide useful guidance that inspires confidence and action!

Before I sign off: Psychic Encounters went above and beyond and they are offering my community 10% off your first reading from now until July 31st when you use my code “SHAYLA10”! Yay! Ok, I can’t wait to hear what you think and if you get a reading let me know!! I’d love to hear about your experience! 

Hope you are staying healthy and safe, and know that sending you all of the love and good vibes my sweet friends!