Manifestation // 7 Steps to manifest anything you want!


Sep 3

Hey babes! Since retuning from spending a month in Bali I have been taking time to think about my life as it currently is… more specifically, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve created for myself and how I’ve created it. Manifestation has played a key role in helping me create a life I absolutely love living and I feel like now that I have tried this method countless times with great results it’s time to start sharing my tips and tricks! I am soooo excited to announce that I am working on an incredible LIFE CHANGING program and e-book where I share my method: The Yoga Inspired Life! The Yoga Inspired Life is still in the final stages of development ( I will 100% let you know when the e-book goes live and I open up the course! Also, side note: there will be limited spots!! So make sure you’re subscribed so you get notified of the release!) but in the meantime I thought I’d share a little sliver of my method: manifestation!

Before we get into my 7 manifestation tips let’s get clear out about what manifestation is NOT: manifestation is not crossing fingers, sitting, waiting and hoping that what you want will magically appear… I know, bummer right? Manifestation is made up of many moving parts, all of which take dedicated effort from you! These dedicated efforts need to be clear, and truly in alignment with what you want to manifest in order to actually get what you want! I will be going into way more detail about this in my course and e-book, The Yoga Inspired Life; but for now here are my 7 steps to manifestation!

7 Steps To Manifest ANYTHING you want!

Step 1: Decide what it is you want to manifest

I know this might sound obvious but if you don’t know what you want you’re never going to get it. Take time to really think about what it is that you want to manifest so that you have a clear focus and goal in mind while working with this process!

Step 2: Get Clear and specific

Now that you know what it is you want: GET SPECIFIC! Get as detailed about the thing you are manifesting as you possibly can! If there are certain details that don’t matter to you then don’t worry about including them in your list, but be sure to include your non-negotiables and get as specific as feels good to you! This process should be exciting and fun!

Step 3: Take action

Like I said earlier, manifestation is not crossing fingers, sitting, waiting, praying and hoping that what you want will just *POOF* magically appear… you have to take action! Additionally, the action that you take must be in alignment with your ultimate goal! If it’s a new job you want get out there search job listings, ask friends and put yourself out there. If it’s an apartment/home you want look at open houses, look online, drive around – action action action!

Step 4: Patience and dedication

The process of manifesting what you want is not an overnight deal. You have to be dedicated and have patience. You will be tested many times with things that are nearly what you are asking for, but that ultimately just aren’t it, and it’s in those moments that you have to exercise your dedication to your ultimate goal! Don’t settle until you get exactly what you want bb! Hopefully, whatever you are manifesting is important and special enough to you that you are more than willing to wait for it. Patience is a virtue my friends.

Step 5: Believe with certainty

I know it can feel quite trying at times to be working towards this goal, especially if things are not moving as quickly as you’d like, but you must know in your heart that what you want DOES exist and that it is already yours. If you can imagine it, then it exists. If you truly want it, then it’s already yours. Wild, right?! The action of energetically manifesting is simply just you getting your vibes right so that you can attract the thing you want! In order to truly raise your vibration you have to believe that everything you want is available to you! Your faith must (always) be greater than your fear bb.

Step 6: Creative visualization 

Creative Visualization By Shakti Gawain was one of the very first spiritual books I ever bought for myself and it’s one I have referred to many times over the past 10 years of having it in my possession. Creative visualization is the cognitive process of purposefully generating visual mental imagery as a means to shift your reality. Yes, your thoughts create your reality! Take time each day to visualize what it is you want, see yourself with it, tap into how it will feel to have it, experience the emotions and feelings it will create within you; use your imagination! If you’re already judging this step and feel like you’re “too old” to be imagining things etc. then let me just stop you right there; using your imagination isn’t just child’s play bb.. and also, I have news for you, you already use your imagination on a daily basis… well actually your imagination uses you. Every time you imagine an outcome to a situation before it happens, or generate fear around something in the future your imagination is at work… allowing our imaginations to work us in that way is so unproductive!! Flip the script in your mind, and actively use your imagination to help you get what you want!

Step 7: Gratitude

This. is. so. important!!!!! An attitude of gratitude breeds abundance!!! Gratitude is so high vibrational; tapping into this powerful feeling will instantly raise your vibration.. and if you want to manifest things in your life high vibes are required (doubt, fear, judgment are all low vibrational FYI!) Cultivate gratitude not only for what you already have but for what is coming, as if it’s already yours! When I was manifesting teaching at my dream yoga studio, Alo Yoga, I would take time each day to really feel gratitude for my teaching job there, as if I already taught there! I know it can feel silly but I am telling you it works!

Lastly… you have to stay flexible when it comes to the HOW of getting what you want! If you’re curious about what I mean by this then watch my manifestation youtube video! I explain everything there in way more detail and share a personal story of manifestation!

Hope you enjoyed this post my friends.. if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below! Otherwise, make sure you’re subscribed to my mailing list so you can be the first to know about the release of my course and e-book The Yoga Inspired Life! Yay!

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