Daily Detox Rituals: Rise Routine


Apr 18

There’s nothing better than laying in bed at night beaming from a wonderfully successful day, am I right?! I believe we are more in control of how our days flow than we give ourselves credit for. Staying present plays a major role in this. In my opinion, staying present is an art form in itself, one that for me does not always come easy.

With practice comes evolution and excellence!

One way I have learned to set myself up to have a great day is by adopting a daily detox ritual I call my “rise routine.” My rise routine is to take some time in the morning to meditate, reflect on something specific I am grateful for and commit to tasks that I want to complete for the day. I invite you to try this morning ritual for one week for starters (I know you will continue it though because it seriously works wonders!!) You don’t need anything but 15 minutes to check in with yourself to get your day started in this positive way, but below are some things I use that I think make it easier, more of a ritual and a little more fun 🙂

  1. A meditation cushion/pillow will help you find a comfortable seat, keeping your spine long and tall.. you want some cushion for your booty so you can focus on your breath.

If you’re new to meditation you should grab Russell Simmons’ book Success Through Stillness It’s a quick read, packed full of information about meditation- he has great tips for getting started, as well as creating a lifelong meditation practice.

2. A journal dedicated to daily gratitude and goals. I picked up a daily journal I am obsessed with: The Happiness Planner – No, not just because it’s a planner (although I do have a planner obsession) I love it because The Happiness Planner incorporates the practices of positive thinking, positive affirmations, mindfulness, gratitude and self-development into daily/weekly/monthly pages. The cute pen is optional 😉 I got this one in a set of 3 from Ba.ndō !

3. Mala Beads: Mala in Sanskrit means garland; mala beads are a set of beads that have traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. They are often called prayer beads, but anyone can wear mala beads and use them during meditation, you don’t have to be religious or have any spiritual practice; they are just a great reminder of an intention you’ve set (before or during meditation) and are also great for keeping the mind focused during a japa meditation. I got mine from Mala Collective and I absolutely love it. They have many different crystal stone bead options that are geared towards your specific needs.  

4. CRYSTALS! I’ll get more into this subject in a follow-up post, but in the mean time check out this link for more information on healing crystals. Having crystals that hold the healing properties that you are in need of are a wonderful addition to your rise routine.

Those are my current necessities for my rise routine daily detox, if I think of anymore I will add them to the list! Or if you have any you can’t rise without, leave me a comment below!

Rise and  S H I N E  babes, the world and your happiness is right at your fingertips.