29 Rotations Around the Sun


May 11

It’s my birthday tomorrow, I can’t believe another year has gone by! Time seems to be moving more quickly the older I get.. my mother always told me that when I was young, but experiencing it for myself now I get it. I wanted to write a whole post about this past year but I woke up this morning inspired to do something different, to give a gift back to all of you who bring so much light and love to my life on a daily basis. So, in honor of my birthday I wanted to share 29 quotes (all pink of course because you know I love pink!) that are inspiring me right now as I enter my 29th year on this planet 🙂 I hope that these 29 quotes inspire you too wherever you are at on your journey! This life is truly what you make it, and while I know it is easy to let trivial things command out attention, I encourage you to do your very best to be present, f**k fear, love yourself, enjoy the ride and live life to the fullest!

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pink quote

beauty quote

selfcare quote

self worth quote

inner beauty quote


mistakes quote

love quote

proud quote

blaming yourself

speak to yourself quote

make yourself a priority

make people feel good

accept yourself

it's ok to love myself

kill them with kindness quote

body love quote

magic quote

change quote

its ok to cry quote

value quote

old ways won't open new doors


heal quote

rise above

quotes about moving on

quotes about stress

be resilient

don't let other people decide who you are