Whole30 Vegan: Week 4


Apr 26

Hi hi hi! This is my FINAL and official Whole30 Vegan week 4 check-in! What a month! If you missed the first blog posts in this little series: Whole30 Vegan: What, Why & How , Whole30 Vegan: Week 1 , Whole30 Vegan: Week 2 and Whole30 Vegan: Week 3 be sure you go and check those out now before reading Whole30 vegan week 4 so you can get all the details about my Whole30 vegan journey! There is a full grocery list + the guidelines in Whole30 Vegan: What, Why & How and between Whole30 Vegan: Week 1 and Whole30 Vegan: Week 2 there are 2 full weeks worth of meal ideas that can help you plan some meals for your Whole30 Vegan journey! Also for day to day updates and Whole30 vegan recipes I share on the daily be sure to follow me on instagram @shaylaquinn ! 🙂

 Whole30 Vegan Week 4 Overview

I have pretty much gotten over the rice and bread thing now (you’ll have to read my previous posts to understand why this is huge lol)  I haven’t had either one in over a month now and I don’t really care anymore (which is crazy because I was fully addicted to both prior to this) My stance on sweets: sure (n)ice cream looks good, but I am not dying to have it. It’s a weird thing… my cravings have totally gone away and I can honestly say my relationship with food and portions HAS changed since starting this Whole30 Vegan journey. I feel less bloated overall, and the fatigue I was experiencing has mostly gone away, I have noticed I am sleeping better at night too. Half way through my Whole30 vegan journey I realized that my skin issues may not actually be JUST related to foods, but also to an imbalance in my hormones, as well as repressed emotions and stress + possible adrenal fatigue (I get into this a lot in my Whole30 Vegan: Week 3 post) which is now my next mission to heal… it’s always something right? Yes indeed, good health is a constant effort in finding balance.. but the older I get the more I realize that it is all interconnected. What you eat, what you think, how you sleep, your daily rituals and how you live in general.. it all matters.

 Whole30 Vegan Week 4 Stats

End: 4/13/2018

Weight: 123 lbs.

Body Fat: 11%

Body Water: 65.9%

Body Mass Index: 20.6

Here are my Whole30 Vegan Week 1 Stats as a reference for comparing my  bodily changes:

START: 3/15/2018

Weight: 125 lbs.

Body Fat: 11.3%

Body Water: 64.7%

Body Mass Index: 20.8

As you can see from my stats above, there hasn’t been a huge change in my body, which I am pretty surprised about as I feel WAY less bloated..but like I said in Whole30 Vegan: What, Why & How I didn’t set out to do this for weight loss purposes, I really just wanted to feel better and I absolutely do. Overall, I would say it was a good experience. It took some serious planning and dedication but I am glad I did it. I did not do it PERFECTLY as I shared in my previous posts, I had a few “slip ups” but nothing I couldn’t recover from, which is a success in my eyes. While I am not planning to do this again any time soon ( I am thinking that once a year would be good as a little body system reset! though!) I do feel like my tastes and eating habits have changed- so I foresee naturally adhering to similar guidelines.. aside from the occasional treat! Gotta treat yo self (in moderation as I learned lol)

If you have any question please feel free to leave me a comment! I’m happy to help in any way I can 🙂 Don’t forget to  follow me on instagram for day to day recipes and updates! I hope this 5 part series is helpful to you on your Whole30 Vegan journey, and if you have any insights you’d like to share with me I’m all ears 🙂


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional! PLEASE consult a medical professional prior to adhering to this diet and this meal plan. You may have to make adjustments, or take the time to write out your own meal plan based on your health and personal needs- find what works for you, this meal plan may not work for you!I am not suggesting anyone try this I am simply sharing my experience on a Whole30 Vegan diet!