Whole30 Vegan: Week 2


Apr 8

Hi babes!!! This is my official Whole30 Vegan week 2 check-in! Wahooooo!!! If you missed the first 2 blog posts in this little series: Whole30 Vegan: What, Why & How and Whole30 Vegan: Week 1 be sure you go and check those out now before reading this one so you can get up to speed on my journey thus far! There is a full grocery list + the guidelines in Whole30 Vegan: What, Why & How and in Whole30 Vegan: Week 1 there is a full weeks worth of meal ideas that can help you plan some meals for week 1!

As promised below is a little overview of week 2 and my Whole30 vegan week 2 meal plan. Also for day to day updates and Whole30 vegan recipes I share on the daily be sure to follow me on instagram @shaylaquinn ! 🙂

Whole30 Vegan Week 2 Overview

Ok, I am keeping this honesty train going: I miss rice, I miss bread, I miss real vegan pizza. I am not going to lie. This doesn’t seem like a sustainable diet at all, which is good because it’s only 30 days lol. I had a whatever eff it moment on Friday at an event I went to: they had beautiful avocado toast and glorious looking gluten-free vegan waffles and I went for it. I just didn’t even care. I put a waffle with some fruit on my plate and then grabbed a piece of avocado toast… I went for the waffle first because… #waffles and while I do NOT feel guilty about eating it whatsoever I did feel bad that I got off track with my 30 day commitment. UGH. After the waffle I was pretty full so I decided not to eat the avo toast. But here is where I noticed a shift: normally if I had committed to do something, especially related to food, and got off track at one meal I would “throw away” the rest of the day and go on a food tour to all my favorite places.. but this time was different. I had the waffle, it was so good, I recognized I was full after the waffle so I stopped indulging, then I continued the rest of the day on plan. So awesome! It seemed effortless to get back on track for the rest of the day. Baby steps, right?

I also started reading Kelly LeVeque’s book Body Love after listening to her on The Skinny Confidential’s Him & Her podcast (one of my favs!!!) and while I am only a quarter of the way through I am digging everything she is sharing- this book is a must read. It is all about eating in a way that supports balanced blood sugar levels in the body. So, depending on the rest of the book and how I feel about all of the information she shares my journey onwards may shift. One thing I am thinking of not doing next week is keeping track + sharing calories when meal planning.. and I will definitely be switching up my daily routine as far as when I eat what, and how I combine at meals. I had a big ah ha moment when I realized this week that my issues go way beyond “food cravings”… my hormones are WAY out of whack from years of working 19-20 hour days, being up super late, not taking time to rest, being on the pill for 10 years straight ( I have been off for about 1.5 years)…and being in an extremely stressful relationship for years probably didn’t help either. Adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance are both very very real and I am working on healing my body in the most loving supportive way possible. This is certainly a journey of sorts, and I am figuring things out as I go.. truth be told the only real way for me to find what works is to experiment and seek out knowledge. In any event, I am happy to share my journey with you guys 🙂


Whole30 Vegan Week 2 Meal Plan

Below is my week 2 meal plan! Also, I just posted the recipe for the vegan butternut squash soup on my latest instagram post so be sure to go check that out!

whole30 vegan meal plan

Ok that’s all for now, I am taking my Sunday to finish reading Body Love and decide how I will move forward into week 3! If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below! Don’t forget to  follow me on instagram for day to day recipes and updates! 🙂 Hope you have a great week!!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional! PLEASE consult a medical professional prior to adhering to this diet and this meal plan. You may have to make adjustments, or take the time to write out your own meal plan based on your health and personal needs- find what works for you, this meal plan may not work for you!I am not suggesting anyone try this I am simply sharing my experience on a Whole30 Vegan diet!