Tips For Waking Up Early


Apr 6

WHERE MY MORNING PEOPLE AT?! Anyone? No? Just me?! Ok, well have no fear, we can make you into a morning person bb!! One of the questions I get on Instagram the most is HOW in the world I wake up so early, so I figured today I would share some of my top tips for waking up early! Before I get into this post I do want to say that I have always been more of a morning person than a night owl, but from my personal experience you are what you repeatedly do, so anyone can be either one of those “types of people” at any time with a little repetition and patience.

Yes, like I said above I am naturally more of a morning person than a night owl, but for about 6 years I worked until 3am (I used to do bottle service in nightclubs) and I became more of  night owl during that time because.. well I had to ($$). I will admit that during my nightlife run I did wake up much earlier than the majority of my coworkers (I’ve never been the gal that can sleep in until noon which is one of the big reasons why that job with those hours was sooooo bad for me!) but once I quit nightlife I wanted to wake up earlier. For 6 years waking up before 8 or 9am was a rarity (since I’d usually go to bed between 4am-5am), but once I quit I was determined to get back into a normal and healthy sleep routine, one where I got 8 hours of sleep and could easily wake up by 6am. Even for a “morning person” like me it was SO HARD to get myself back into going to bed earlier and waking up earlier but it CAN be done.. with a little consistency.

how to wake up earlier


I hope you find these tips useful – if you try any of them let me know how they work for you; and if you have any good tips that I didn’t share please leave them in a comment below so we can all share with each other! I also posted a YouTube video that includes the below plus a few extra tips so click here to watch that 🙂


I know this one may seem obvious but I have found that it’s the key to waking up early!! I have such a hard time waking up at my usual 6am wake up time if I go to bed later than 11pm! Commit to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier will be so much easier, I promise. Ideally I like to be in bed by  9 or 9:30pm and asleep by 10 or 10:30pm at the latest; if I go to bed any later than that and I find myself hitting the snooze button when my alarm goes off at 6am!


Having a solid bedtime routine will set you up for a successful morning of waking up early! I try to set the scene for myself to have a restful sleep: put down the phone, get out a book to read, light some incense: all of these signal my brain that it’s time to start winding down for bed. Like I said above, the key (in my opinion) to waking up early is going to bed earlier. Should I do a whole post on my bedtime routine? Good sleep is so vital and having a proper bedtime routine plays SUCH an important part in waking up early and being productive (plus its important for overall good health!) Let me know in a comment below if that is something you would be interested in!


Even though I love mornings I am not the type of person to jump out of bed singing show tunes at the sound of my alarm, I prefer a slower less rushed experience. I love setting 2 alarms for myself so that I can gradually wake up and feel grounded. I set one alarm to wake me up, about 15-20 minutes before I actually need to get up, and then the second alarm is my “get yo booty up right now bb” alarm. The trick here is to not go back to sleep after the first alarm goes off.. Once that first alarm goes off I immediately open the blinds and let light in which signals my brain that it is time to wake up.. sometimes I will get up with the first alarm, depending on whether I go to bed on time or not, but on the days I don’t, having that extra 20 minutes to chill just gives me some more time to get inspired to start my day if I’m just not feeling it that morning!


Getting into the routine of waking up earlier doesn’t happen over (one) night.. it happens over a series of nights in which you get your booty in bed earlier 😉 When it comes to creating any new habit consistency is key! Know that the first few days of this new routine will most likely be hard, and you may even have some nights where you slip up and stay up too late, but even on those late nights you must STILL stick to your wake up time the next morning.. It will not only reinforce your early morning wake up time but you will be tired by it’s time to go to bed the next night and ill make it easier for you to hop in bed on time!

Want more tips? Watch my latest YouTube video!

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