Daily Detox Rituals: Sweat


Mar 22


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I initially decided to go for 2 weeks straight in an effort to cure a cold.. I wanted to experiment with using various natural detoxification methods to see first hand if these methods actually did what they claimed to do. The results of Sweatheory: it absolutely sped up my recovery time; the daily sweat sessions 100% helped me get over my cold quicker than I would’ve without it; but to my delight that’s not where the benefits ended.

My skin began clearing up

The minor Keratosis Pilaris on the backs of my arms disappeared (not kidding)

[FYI: Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, usually on the upper arms ]

My skin felt softer and my complexion evened out

My stress levels dropped

I felt more flexible and light

I felt better overall!

Side note: Did you know that one of the skin’s primary functions is to remove some of the toxic and metabolic waste in the body through sweating? If the body accumulates more toxins than the liver and kidneys can handle, the skin takes over. This is why some refer to the skin as the “third kidney.” Amazing right? 

So, whats the deal with infrared saunas?

•Unlike traditional saunas that use high heat and  humidity to warm the air, infrared saunas use light and radiant heat, which warms the body ( instead of the air ) and can do so at lower temperatures, which allows you to sweat more: which means more detoxification!

•Infrared heat penetrates about 1.5” deep into skin tissue; deep heat stimulates release of toxins from subcutaneous fatty layer which are then eliminated through sweat and stimulates sebaceous glands to eliminate heavy metals

•Eliminated toxins= improved immune system function

•High temperature increases heart rate= burns calories

•Increased blood and oxygen flow= relieves chronic joint and muscle pain/stiffness 

•Helps lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, which results in lowered cortisol= increased relaxation afterward

•Sweating helps purify skin and cleanse pores= improving complexion, tone, texture and elasticity! 

Sold on it? YUP I know, me too 😉

But wait!

Not all infrared saunas are created equally! This is why I particularly love Sweatheory!! They use Clearwater saunas, which are all organic! You may be wondering why that’s important- you’re in there to sweat out toxins, if you’re in a sauna that is not non-toxic, you’re actually just re-contaminating your body. That’s why it’s super important to use an organic sauna! Most saunas come from China, where the machines emit EMF’s and the wood has to be sprayed to enter the country.. but Sweathoery’s saunas do not emit any EMF’s (basically their saunas are not going to microwave you lol) their saunas are made of Canadian red wood (it’s never been sprayed or treated)

I should also mention that this place has a great earthy vibe going on with a selection of different crystals, palo santo, sage and essential oils displayed when you enter… LOVE! You’re greeted with a cayenne shot, which if you’ve read my other posts you know that I am a bit cayenne obsessed 😉 Taking a cayenne shot just before you go in for your sweat which helps to jump start your circulation and sweat .

Sweatheory also offers a selection of meditation CDs which you are welcomed to choose from to listen to during your sweat session; I loved this as I was able to use my time in the sauna as a time of reflection, gentle stretching and meditation!

Each room has a private shower that is stocked with organic body and hair care products, which is perfect for someone on the go like me. They also offer an endless supply of reverse osmosis alkaline filtered water during your visit. Reverse osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from the water; alkaline water helps the body neutralize acid in the blood, provides more energy, slows the aging process and is packed with natural antioxidants [negatively-charged electrons], which are free to naturally fight free radicals.

sweatheory room

You can go in a Sweatheory sauna for up to 60 minutes, but I haven’t be able to make it that long. I was able to gradually increase my time, starting at around 25 minutes and at the end of my 2 week experiment I was able to stay in for about 45 minutes.

On your way out  you also have the option to take a mineral shot which is a little bitter tasting but a great addition to your sweat session as you can lose a lot of your core minerals when you sweat; so replenishing them is crucial! Why you ask? Basically they are transmitters for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses, minerals in your body also provide support for your entire electrical (nervous system) and balance electrolytes. You are ideally supposed to get them through food, (mostly vegetables and fruit) but because the soil they grow in is usually super depleted ( and majority of people don’t eat as many vegetables as they need) most people are mineral deficient. The mineral shot is a simple and efficient way to provide your body with these vital minerals which are especially important after sweating. The mineral shot contains over 77 trace minerals including magnesium. BOOM.

They also have a great injectable shot menu available, I had never done this before and was a little nervous honestly (I am weird about needles and shots) but after reading the benefits decided to get it together and suck it up lol. I got the Immune Charger shot and to my surprise was totally quick and painless! Why do an injection? Quicker and better absorption into the bloodstream!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! This is a must try if you’re in LA. I am totally hooked! If you’ve never been then go in and mention this post/me and use the code #instasweat to get your first sweat free 🙂 After you go I’d love to know what you think, so leave me a comment below! I am very interested in hearing about any and all noticeable changes/benefits you experience!

Happy Detoxing!