Apr 13
Hi my beautiful friends! I am coming at you today with a very very special collaboration along with some of my favorite ways to self care! In April Stage is collaborating with American Heart Association (AHA) to raise awareness around heart health! I have decided to join them in this wonderful initiative and you can too! Share your very own “heart smarts” with a photo posted on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BringHeartHome and Stage will donate $1 to the AHA! Your heart smart can be anything from ways to self care, to your favorite healthy recipes that you cook, to sharing  how you #BringHeartHome by organizing, decluttering and refreshing your space to foster harmony and peace – it can literally be anything that helps you bring heart home! For more information or to get involved click here!
In honor of the Stage’s #BringHeartHome campaign I decided to share 10 of my favorite ways to self care that I do on the reg to keep my heart happy and healthy! ♥


:: YOGA ::

It’s no secret that I love yoga… yoga is my absolute favorite way to self care. Taking time to get on my mat to connect with my breath is so soothing and grounding. Whether it’s a fast paced vinyasa class or a slow restorative flow, yoga always makes my heart feel happy and healthy.


Slowing down is something I need regularly. Anytime I feel flustered or overwhelmed I take a step back, sit down and breathe. Meditation has also been scientifically proven to improve heart health and improve your overall wellbeing!


Less screen time (especially in moments of stress) is a major way I care for myself. In this day in age we do so much with our phones and computers I think it’s vital to take a break every now and then!


Nature makes my heart happy!! Especially when I am outside with my pup Penny. I love getting outside for some fresh air, going on hikes or even just walking around my neighborhood.


Cardio and movement is literally good for your heart, but it also makes my heart so happy! Hiking, HIIT workouts, long walks, pilates, yoga – I love it all!

Side note: how cute are my new pink Adidas that I got from Stage? They make movement more fun (and comfortable!)

pink adidas

:: READ ::

I love love love reading. I have always been a reader you could say. I love all kinds of books and truly enjoy getting lost in whatever I am reading. It calms me down and I love learning new things!


I love a good self care night with face masks and at home facials!


I swear showering in the midst of chaos (whether that chaos be something stressful or work related) literally makes me feel like I have hit the refresh button. If I am feeling stuck while working I take a break and shower and then come back to the task feeling refreshed!


Cooking and baking is very therapeutic for me and good healthy food makes my heart (and belly!) happy! I love nourishing my body with heathy plant-based meals and creating healthy alternatives to my favorite dishes! Check out these healthy cookies I just made! They are so so good and made with such clean ingredients!


Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love. There is something so heartwarming about laughing until your stomach hurts and making memories with your friends and family. I love when I get to spend quality time with my mom, Penny and my friends!

pink yoga outfit
Ok, it’s your turn to share your very own heart smarts and #BringHeartHome stories to raise awareness about the importance of heart health and help Stage give back to American Heart Association! Your moments will help Stage spread awareness and get people involved in the cause, just make sure you tag me (@shaylaquinn) + Stage + #BringHeartHome!
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