ON SHROOMS // Mushroom Coffee


Aug 20

Hi bb’s!!!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!! I just worked out and I feel so so good.. I love starting out my week with an early Monday morning workout!! I just really feel like it sets the tone for my day and for me week. Speaking of setting the tone for the day: today I want to talk about MUSHROOM COFFEE because it has totally changed the way I start my day! If you follow me on…. wait wait wait… lol I just realized I start off nearly every blog post with “if you follow me on Instagram then you know ______” but the truth is I get most of my inspiration from YOU GUYS asking me question on Instagram sooooooo here we go again ūüėČ If you follow me on Instagram then you know my obsession with Four Sigmatic and their mushroom coffee!!! The obsession started in May 2018 and I have been going strong ever since! I didn’t even really mean to make the switch (although I am really glad I did) but after a weekend away in Joshua Tree with only mushroom coffee to drink I realized how much better I feel drinking less regular coffee and drinking mushroom coffee on the reg instead!!

Ok, so you’re probably thinking that this switch was easy for me, or that I wasn’t really a hardcore coffee drinker so let me give you some back story: I didn’t really get into coffee until I was in my 20’s, but even then I was always the type of coffee drinker that could have one randomly and then be fine without it for long periods of time; I was never addicted to it or felt like I “needed it”… that is until I started working¬†a night job in addition to my day time endeavors and began to heavily rely on it to function. Mid way through my 5 year “bottle service career” (it was hardly a career but you know what I mean lol) it became very apparent that I was 100% addicted to coffee.

It started out as a one cup in the morning to wake myself up after a long night of working until 3:00am kinda thing, and then it turned into needing another one in the evening as well before I would head off to work again at 10:00pm.. but over time as my adrenals started to fatigue and my body started to break down I went from needing 2 cups a day to maybe 4-6 cups a day.. and honestly I don’t even know how much I was actually drinking because I wouldn’t even keep track. All I knew was that my brain could not function, I was tired all of the time and coffee was my crutch that seemed to help me manage my insane schedule. But the longer I went on like this the less and less the coffee worked, my body became immune to it!! I could have like 6 shots of espresso over ice (that was my usual drink of choice lol) and FEEL NOTHING.. but then… then I started to experience severe anxiety, irritability, headaches, my skin was breaking out and I was stuck in a never ending cycle of a 30 minute caffeine high followed by a dramatic crash and I wasn’t even getting any good focus time while drinking it- I was only just able to moderately function! I was either moderately functioning or a complete zombie.. I didn’t realize it at the time but this was the beginning of my adrenal fatigue. I was literally making myself sick with my schedule (also working in an environment I hated did not help) coupled with the insane amount of coffee I was drinking. I know there are apparently some benefits to drinking coffee, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing; and at the end of the day coffee is a stimulant –¬†coffee gets your adrenaline pumping, and too much of it literally drains your adrenals putting your¬†body in¬†a state of stress. YIKES! Stress stress and more stress.. no wonder I felt like sh*t, my whole entire life was full of stress from my job, to my relationships, to my living environment to the drinks I was putting in my body; can you say cortisol overload? Ugh. It kills me to think about it now because I really didn’t see what I was doing, I was just doing what I thought I needed to do and was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done, even if it meant running myself ragged. There were tons of red flags along the way but I ignored them and chalked them up to random symptoms that were not that serious.. oh well. It’s over now.. all I can do is heal my body and be more in tune with the signs it gives me from here on out.

I cut out regular coffee completely for about 3 months and only recently started to have one here and there like I used to (ironically I am drinking one now haha because I am working from a coffee shop).. but it’s VERY VERY RARE. I also try to avoid drinking cold coffee per my acupuncturists recommendation and I usually do not have it first thing in the morning, I try to wait until mid morning if I am going to have it and after a warm meal. But like I said.. me having regular coffee is very rare because¬†I truly just prefer mushroom coffee! I feel so much better overall and it tastes just like regular coffee.. plus I love the instant packets because they are perfect for traveling and just so simple- all I have to do is add hot water (I add a little toffee stevia) and I’m good to go! I can drink it at any time too because there is as much caffeine in it as a cup of decaf coffee has!

Here are some of the benefits I have noticed by making the switch:

DECREASED ANXIETY: My anxiety is basically non-existent since cutting back on coffee

BETTER FOCUS: I am able to actually focus whereas before on regular coffee I would feel jittery and all over the place.

BETTER SLEEP: I fall asleep much easier than before and I wake up with more energy now!

BALANCED ENERGY LEVELS: I feel like I have WAY better natural energy levels now than I ever did drinking regular coffee on the reg!

BALANCED ADRENAL GLANDS & HORMONES: less cortisol, less stress, less anxiety = better balanced body and mind!

So now do you see why I love mushroom coffee?? It is seriously SO GOOD!! I linked my favorite here so you can try it out for yourself!!