DIY: Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub


Jul 1

I love this coconut lip scrub because it’s simple and effective! Plus, I generally always have the ingredients at home as I use both to cook /bake with frequently, so if you don’t already have the ingredients, know that they are good to have on hand for various uses!

What you’ll need:

Coconut Sugar

Pure Cold- Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

You may be wondering, why Pure Cold- Pressed Organic Coconut Oil specifically? During cold-pressing, the oil from the coconut meat is mechanically pressed at temperatures not exceeding 120 degrees fahrenheit, to preserve its healthful benefits. Pure cold-pressed coconut oil is also not refined, processed or deodorized… Basically my rule of thumb is this: you want the least amount of fussing as possible with your food and products in order for them to maintain as many nutrients as possible!

Mix a tablespoon of coconut sugar with a teaspoon of coconut oil; or if you you’d like to have more on hand to use throughout the week and have a small glass container that has an air tight lid ( I got one at The Container Store ! ) then double the ingredient measurements!

To use, rub the coconut lip scrub onto your lips just vigorously enough to loosen any dead skin and exfoliate

Let the lip scrub sit for about 1 minute and then remove with a damp washcloth or rinse if you are doing this in the shower 🙂

Be sure to apply lip balm or you can even use coconut oil after you exfoliate to moisturize!