Jun 13

Hey babes! Today I am sharing 6 face masks for acne that I have been using to help me clear up my skin and keep it clear! Before I get into this post I do want to say that I am not a skincare guru, I’m just a girl that struggles with adult acne…. so I don’t know that these masks will work for your skin but they work for mine, and it is worth a try if you are struggling with acne!

If you’ve been following my skin care journey on my Instagram then you know I’ve been struggling with acne for quite some time now. I have tried EVERYTHING to clear up my acne naturally and while I still do use mostly natural/non-toxic products I have found that what my acne needed was something stronger thrown into the mix! In an effort to stay transparent with you I am sharing every single thing I use mask wise to help me keep my skin clear! I’m also working on an updated skin care routine so be on the lookout for that but in the meantime let’s get into today’s post: best face masks for acne!

Face Masks for Acne

Mask #1: Odacité Synergy 4 Mask

Detox, boost firmness, gently peel and brighten your complexion with this vegan + gluten-free mask! I have posted about this mask in the past and it still one of my go-to favorites; it’s good for so many different skin concerns! It is a powder mask that they suggest you mix with water but when I am experiencing active breakouts I use apple cider vinegar and it works like a charm!

Mask #2: Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

This mask really works! It’s strong enough to make a difference but gentle enough to be OK on sensitive skin! While this is a clarifying mask it is not drying for the skin which is lovely- when you apply the mask it goes on gooey and it stays tacky and wet for the duration of the treatment time. My favorite part is when you wash it off it becomes almost like an exfoliating wash gently scrubbing away dead skin cells, dirt and grime!

Mask #3: January Labs Moisture Renew Mask

A rejuvenating leave-on hydration mask  that literally seals in moisture to nourish and protect your skin! Sometimes if my skin is feeling really dry I’ll leave it on over night. I know that many of us have been told when we have acne that we should dry everything out but that is so far from the truth! Hydrated skin is happy skin, keeping your skin hydrated is key for healing! I love this moisture mask as it’s effective but not heavy to the point where it makes me breakout more!

Mask #4: CocoKind Chlorophyl Mask

This is such a gentle, purifying and soothing mask. I mostly love this mask for evening out my skin tone! It is densely packed with chlorophyll, organic spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella = packed with antioxidants!

Mask #5: Unblemish by Rodan + Fields

I know this is a surprising product to include on this list but it’s something I have been using and it’s working!! I will get more into detail in my upcoming youtube video “Nighttime Skincare Routine” (should be live on my channel next week!) but in the mean time I will just say this: use this cleanser as a mask and it will change your LIFEEEEE!!!

Mask #6: CocoKind Turmeric Stick

Ok so this is not really a mask but it’s incredibly helpful for reducing redness and inflammation! This stick is packed with turmeric, ginger, and tea tree oil, all of which wards off clogged pores and helps to visibly brighten complexion. Use alone or wear under the chlorophyll mask for extra spot-fighting power 🙂

Face Masks for Acne // Mask Routine

I usually mask on average 3 times a week. As far as what I use when and how often I try to pick intuitively based on how my skin is feeling.. I know that’s pretty vague but honestly my skin (and yours!) is changing every day so it’s hard to stick to a regular routine! But basically here is how I decide what mask to pick!

If I am experiencing severe breakouts I go for:

Odacité Synergy 4 Mask

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

Unblemish by Rodan + Fields

CocoKind Turmeric Stick

If my skin is super dry and irritated I go for:

CocoKind Chlorophyl Mask

January Labs Moisture Renew Mask

For full mask tutorial head to my youtube channel!

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