All Hail The Mighty Coconut Oil


Apr 2


No but seriously. Coconut oil is everything.

I know, I know.. I’m not the only one obsessed..I know a lot of people are. But I just really love it. For everything. I’m like the dad who is obsessed with putting Windex on everything in that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, except it’s coconut oil I am obsessed with for everything. So this is an obligatory coconut oil post, to pay my respects to the coconuts and their oil.. Also I had to write this because I just wanted to remind everyone of how versatile and amazing it is!!!! Or, MAYBE you are unaware of the benefits of using coconut oil and perhaps this post will help you discover some of it’s many many uses !!!!!!!!

It’s great for cooking and baking. I buy it in the jar, but I also have some in a cooking spray can that is great for when you just need a little spritz!

It works great as a dairy free replacement to butter

It is an amazing skin moisturizer; face, body…Yes. All of it.

It’s the perfect makeup remover! I will put some right onto a cotton pad and wipe away any makeup !

Using coconut oil can be done internally/externally to speed up recovery from UTI’s and is also a very helpful NATURAL cure-all for other lady issues (yeast infections, razor burn etc!)

OIL PULLING! Which is an Ayurvedic trick..put a decent sized table spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for 5-10 minutes.. this is great for oral detoxification!

Great to use in place of shaving cream and also great to put on after shaving

When ingested, it helps to improve the digestive system, thus preventing various stomach/digestion-related problems

and my personal favorite: coconut oil is a great hair mask!

(Ammmm I right?! LOL)

Those are my top/favorite way to use coconut oil, But I know there are TONS more uses for this liquid gold.. Do you have anymore I am missing out on? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!