5 Ways to Boost Your Energy & Health


May 7

Hi friends! Lately I have really been working on finding ways to boost energy naturally, rather than just relying on coffee and supplements that really only end in a crash or me needing more. Now, don’t get me wrong…. I loooove a good cup of coffee or a matcha latte, and do I love my B12 supplements; but there are also so many other great ways to boost energy, mood, and overall health! I have been compiling a list of ways and experimenting with lots of different things, and while I have a bag full of ideas the following have been my favorite, and the most effective for me! Drumroll pleaseeeeee: introducing my top 5 ways to boost your energy, mood and health!: Basically these little tips will help you transform your energy levels, mood, and health in simple sustainable ways throughout your day:)

#1: Drink Water!

Did you know that by drinking enough water you can reduce irritability, anxiousness, lack of focus, mood swings, lack of energy and excess weight gain? Proper hydration is THE number one way to boost your mood, mental focus, mental clarity and decrease anxiety. Water is not only linked in studies to boost your energy and mood, but it is also well known for helping our skin stay glowly, clear and supple, as well as keeping our digestion working properly!

#2: Superfood “FabFour” Vegan Protein Shake

Stabilize blood sugar levels, increase mental focus, clear your skin and curb mindless hunger: all by incorporating a daily “FabFour” superfood vegan protein shake! Since reading Kelly LeVeque’s book Body Love  I have been doing this every single day and I have noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE! FabFour stands for the 4 main ingredients Kelly recommends you build each shake with: protein, fiber, fat and greens! This powerful combo stabilizes your blood sugar and hormone levels, gives you long lasting energy, satiates hunger and provides your body with super-concentrated nutrients that allow it to function at an optimal level! My favorite go-to FabFour ingredients are:

Greens: 1 handful of fresh kale or spinach

Fats: 2 TBSP. of either MCT oil, coconut oil and/or coconut butter

Fiber: 2 TBSP. of either chia seeds, flaxseed meal, or acacia fiber

Protein: 1 serving of any vegan protein powder that you love! I personally like the Moon Juice Adaptogenic protein powder but any plant-based protein will do!

Liquid: 1.5-2 cups of coconut water or unsweetened almond milk- I have been loving the unsweetened almond milk from New Barn as it has SUPER clean ingredients and is Whole30 approved 🙂

#3: Meditate

Taking a moment to unplug and tune in is a fantastic way to recharge your body, mind and soul. Your meditation practice is where you learn to grab ahold of the reigns that are your emotions and thoughts and BREATHE. Your breath is your meditation guide and is there for you to tap into and use to get grounded whenever you feel yourself being blown in a direction you don’t want to go.

 Through regular meditation you can:

Reduce stress

Improve your concentration

Meditation encourages a healthy lifestyle

Increases self-awareness

It increases happiness

Meditation increases acceptance

Slows aging

I have a whole blog post on meditation which you can check out by clicking here!

#4: Get Outside

Connecting with nature is one of the quickest and most effective ways to lower stress and fight fatigue and depression. I love to take myself and my pup on hikes, or even just take breaks throughout the day to talk a walk around my neighborhood! Nothing like some good ol’ vitamin D and fresh air!

#5: Gratitude

You know that saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”? well, the same goes with your mood and energy! When you consciously express grattitude for the big AND small things in your life you increase happiness and your good mood neurotransmitters create serotonin and dopamine in the mind and in the body AKA YA FEEL GOOOOOD!. I always say, an attitude of gratitude breeds abundance: the moment you start to feel stress or anxiety begin to rear its ugly head stop what you’re doing, take to your mediation cushion, or grab a pen and paper and make a list of  5 things you are grateful for. I swear to you it will shift your mood and energy in a matter of seconds.

Hope you enjoyed my tried and true tips to help boost energy and mood. Love y’all!