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Dec 20

These vegan waffles are NEXT LEVEL because they are more than just your average vegan waffles… these bad boys are vegan SUPERFOOD waffles… made with Vital Proteins Spirulina!

Spirulina is an amazing plant-based superfood sourced from blue-green algae and it is truly one of nature’s most perfect forms of nutrition. Spirulina is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin K and other potent phytonutrients that help to aid in the body’s ability to naturally detoxify while giving our overall energy levels a huge boost.

3 Reasons I LOVE Spirulina:

100% Vegan: A perfect source of plant-based nutrition for anyone!

Detoxifier: Gets the gunk out of your body so you stay energized and healthy all day long!

Antioxidant Support: A great source of nutrients that help to fight free radicals!

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I started taking the Vital Proteins vegan spirulina capsules back in June of this year (so 6 months now) and I have been loving them! I usually take 4 a day with my regular daily vitamins, but I recently decided to start experimenting with other ways to incorporate spirulina into my diet! Lately I’ve been adding this incredible superfood powder to my smoothies, and more recently I have been adding it into the food I make.

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This recipe started out as an idea for pancakes but they weren’t very pretty…. I tried a few times, experimenting with different ingredients and finally got it right with this recipe! You can’t taste the spirulina AT ALL! I have made these vegan waffles a few times now and each time I eat them, I am still in shock at how delicious they are given how incredibly healthy they are! These are most definitely a healthy sweet treat.

Now if you’re thinking these look difficult or if the thought of making waffles from scratch is starting to overwhelm you, let me put you at ease: they probably took me about 10 minutes to make. And, if I’m going to be completely honest- I have actually never made waffles before deciding to turn this pancake recipe into a waffle recipe… this recipe is surprisingly easy and as far as a waffle maker: I picked up a really basic waffle maker at Target for $20 and it worked great!

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Vegan Superfood Waffles // Ingredients:

1 cup of sprouted buckwheat flour

1 tablespoon of organic coconut sugar

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1/2 tablespoon of vanilla bean powder

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

2 tablespoons raw organic coconut oil

4 Vital Proteins Spirulina capsules

Optional toppings:



2 Tablespoons of Coconut probiotic yogurt*

Organic Grade A maple syrup

Raw walnuts

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Vegan Superfood Waffles // Cooking Instructions:

  1. Combine all dry ingredients: flour + sugar + baking powder + pink salt + vanilla bean powder in a mixing bowl. Open 4 Vital Proteins spirulina capsules into the bowl and mix everything together.
  2. Slowly pour in the unsweetened almond milk and then the raw coconut oil, whisking as you go (you can use a hand whisk or a single beater electric mixer!)   Once everything is  combined and there are no lumps in the batter you are ready to pour the superfood batter into your waffle maker!
  3. Every waffle maker is going to be different, but mine took about 6 minutes on medium heat

  4. Once the waffles are finished cooking top them off with your favorite fruit, chia seeds, maple syrup, or anything else your heart desires! This recipe made 2 full(ish) waffles and I was able to put the other one in the fridge and ate it the next day on the go and I have to say it was fantastic plain (and even cold) too!

*I put 2 tablespoons of homemade coconut probiotic yogurt on mine for extra nutrients and gut TLC! I learned how to make this amazing probiotic coco-yo from my incredibly talented friend Celeste Wilson of The True Spoon. She has awesome workshops and webinars where you too can learn how to make this probiotic yogurt (and delicious fermented foods!) Feel free to check out her website for more info! 

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I truly hope you enjoy these vegan spirulina superfood waffles as much as I do!

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