7 Healthy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes


Nov 15

Happy November my friends! With Thanksgiving upon us I thought it would be fun to share 7 of my favorite healthy vegan Thanksgiving recipes with you! Being plant-based I get asked frequently what the heck I eat on Thanksgiving if I am not eating turkey, but the truth is there are soooo many yummy + simple ways to recreate traditional favorites not just so that they are vegan friendly, but so that they are healthier too!

The ingredient lists + cooking instructions for my 7 healthy vegan Thanksgiving recipes are below for you to use, but I also posted a fun cooking style video on my YouTube channel for you to see just how I cook each of them!

Shayla Quinn vegan thanksgiving recipes YouTube

Ok, so what’s on the menu for my vegan Thanksgiving?

fall salad vegan
vegan roasted Brussels sprouts
vegan stuffing recipe
vegan garlic mashed potatoes recipe
vegan green bean casserole recipe
vegan cranberry sauce recipe
vegan sweet potato casserole recipe

HOW GOOD DO ALL THOSE LOOK?! YUMMMM!!! I can also confirm that they all taste amazing too… and dare I say, these vegan versions taste even better than the traditional classic recipes!!!

Before I get into each individual recipe, I created a little vegan Thanksgiving shopping list + vegan Thanksgiving menu for you to print off and use! Yay! 😀 Also, the ingredient list/the amounts below are what I bought/used to cook for 2 people + plenty of leftovers for us to enjoy 😊 although I could’ve easily fed up to 4 people with the ingredient list/the amounts below! If you are cooking for more people just multiply ingredients to fit your desired amount of servings!

vegan thanksgiving meal ideas
vegan thanksgiving food
thanksgiving salad recipe
Baby kale
1 thinly sliced shallot
1 cubed apple (I used honey crisp!)
2-3 cups of roasted butternut squash
4 TBSP. Sherry vinegar
1 TBSP. Dijon mustard
1 TBSP. Pumpkin seed oil
4 TBSP. Raw pumpkin seeds
4 TBSP. Shelled salted pistachios
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup fresh pom seeds

Rinse + drain lettuce, then put in a big mixing/serving bowl
Roast your cubed butternut squash that has been lightly coated in olive or avocado oil, salt, pepper + garlic powder.
Allow the squash to cool completely before adding it to the salad!
To make your dressing combine the sherry vinegar, dijon mustard, lemon juice + choice of oil and mix – then set aside
* I don’t add the dressing until we are ready to eat the salad to avoid it getting soggy!
Add your roasted butternut squash, diced apple, sliced shallot + pom seeds to your bowl of greens, then top with pumpkin seeds + pistachios! 
Add the dressing when you’re ready to enjoy!
vegan mashed potatoes
6-8 small Yukon gold potatoes
1-2 TBSP. Vegan butter
1-2 TBSP. crushed garlic
Salt + pepper
Roughly 1 cup of Plain unsweetened almond milk

Boil 8 small Yukon gold potatoes until soft
Once potatoes are boiled, drain the water and set aside allowing them to cool
In a pot on medium heat add in minced garlic with a TBSP. Of vegan butter or olive oil and cook until garlic is browned, turn off the heat and cover
Once potatoes are cooled remove the peel and place in the pot with browned garlic on LOW HEAT to mash, adding a little more vegan butter, salt, pepper + plain unsweetened almond milk – the amount of milk you use will depend on how fluffy you want your potatoes!
easy cranberry sauce recipe
1/2 cup of FRESH (or no sugar added) orange juice
2/3 cup brown sugar ( I used coconut sugar!)
(1) 12 -ounce bag of fresh cranberries
1/4 TSP. Cinnamon
1/2 cup of water
Dash of maple syrup
Dash of salt  

Combine the sugar, orange juice, 1/2 cup water, the cinnamon, salt and cranberries in a medium saucepan. Bring up to a simmer over medium heat and cook for 15 minutes. Let cool completely before serving!
easy vegan green bean casserole recipe
4-5 cups Green beans
Vegan butter
1 Shallot
1 clove of Garlic
4 cups of Mushrooms
2 cups of Veggie broth
1 cup Plain unsweetened almond milk
Crispy onions

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
Bring a large pot of water to a boil then add green beans + dash of salt and cook for 5 minutes or until beans are soft, then drain and set aside.
Next we will make the sauce! In a pan on medium heat, add vegan butter or olive oil and shallots and garlic. Season with salt + pepper and cook for a few minutes until garlic and shallots begins to soften, then add mushrooms and season with a bit more salt and pepper. Cook for 3-4 minutes more or until lightly browned.
Sprinkle in flour SLOWLY and whisk to stir. Cook for 1 minute, then slowly add in veggie stock, whisking as you go.
Add almond milk next and whisk to stir again. Season with a touch more salt and pepper and bring to a simmer, then reduce heat to low to thicken. Cook for 5-7 minutes more, or until the mixture thickens
Remove from heat and add 1/3 of the fried onions and all of the cooked green beans. Toss to coat everything then transfer to a baking dish and top with the rest of your fried onions.
Bake for 15 minutes, or until warmed through and slightly browned on top.

easy vegan Brussels sprouts recipe
4-5 cups of brussels sprouts
Avocado or olive oil
Salt + pepper
Slivered almonds
Balsamic glaze
Maple syrup

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
On a lined baking sheet place washed + halved brussels spouts and lightly coat with cooking oil, salt + pepper.
Roast for 15-20 minutes then remove from the oven.
combine maple syrup, Avocado or olive oil, balsamic glaze + sriracha in a dish and whisk to stir. Sprinkle raw almonds on your baking sheet with the roasted brussels spouts then drizzle sauce on top. Cook for an additional 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Drizzle lightly with balsamic glaze on top to serve!
easy vegan stuffing recipe
1 loaf of Vegan bread
1 TBSP. Vegan butter
1/2 cup of chopped White onion
1/2 cup chopped Celery
Salt + pepper
3 cups Veggie broth
Fresh sage

* the day before you are ready to cook this cube your fresh vegan bread and set out in a bowl overnight to get a day old bread consistency!

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
In a pot on medium heat combine chipped celery + onion + garlic + fresh sage with 1 TBSP. of vegan butter and cook until veggies become translucent + soft.

In a bowl combine day old cubed bread + sautéed veggies + 3 cups of veggies broth and use your hands to massage everything together.

Place mixture in a baking dish and bake for 20-30. minutes or until golden brown!
easy vegan sweet potato casserole recipe
3 large Sweet potatoes
Pumpkin pie spice
Vegan butter
Vegan marshmallows

Boil sweet potatoes + peel off skin
In a baking dish combine boiled + peeled sweet potatoes with 1-2 TBSP. vegan butter, cinnamon, + pumpkin pie spice and mash everything together.

Top with vegan marshmallows and bake covered for 10-15 minutes
then remove cover and bake until marshmallows are golden brown!

Yay!!! I hope you love love love all of my vegan Thanksgiving recipes! Let me know if you make any of them – I would love to hear what you think! Grateful for youuuuuu ❤️