Vegan Peppermint Tea Latte Recipe


Dec 24

Oh how I loooove the holiday season! When I first went vegan one of the things I was sad to be missing out on was all of the festive holiday treats, like the ones at those coffee shop chains.. but over time and through experimenting I have realized the only thing I am missing out on by skipping those is a stomach ache, gross GMO’s and terrible for your body toxins 🙂 (TMI?!) This vegan peppermint tea latte is my favorite festive holiday drink that is WAY healthier than one of those overloaded with sugar peppermint syrup white whip cream butter milk lattes lol 😉 It’s warm, the peppermint flavors give ya all the holiday vibes and it’s actually quite pretty watching the candy cane melt into the latte!

It’s simple, cheap and easy.. which I love! And once you buy the necessary ingredients for about $10 you can make at least 8 of them, which means they are only costing you $1.25 each (or less!) which is 1/4 of the price of those other unhealthy holiday drinks! Enjoying this tea latte is a win if you ask me 🙂

Simply steep the tea first, add in an organic vegan candy cane (The ones I got are made by Wholesome and I was able to pick them up at my local Whole Foods!) Then I steam my almond milk on the stove and use a hand frother (I got mine for $8 on Amazon!) Once the milk is steamed, remove the tea bag from your mug, add in your steamed unsweetened almond milk and enjoy!

vegan holiday drink recipe

Ingredients for Vegan Peppermint Tea Latte:

1 Organic mint tea bag

1 Cup of Unsweetened almond milk

1 Organic vegan candy cane

healthy festive holiday drink

I hope you enjoy this simple vegan peppermint tea latte recipe as much as I do! Happy Holidays my friends!

healthy holiday drinks