Zappos x OOFOS // Recovery Shoes


Jun 12

This post is Sponsored by my friends at Zappos 🙂

Hi bb’s!! Todays post is all about my new favorite RECOVERY SHOE! Yes, you read that right… I found a shoe that actually helps your body recover!!!! Amazing right?! As you know I lead a very active lifestyle and in order to keep my body healthy intentional recovery is a MUST! Recovery to me is not only resting, but also self-care practices + products that can help aid your body in recovery and keep it healthy! A strong balanced body starts from the ground up: your feet! Did you know the shoes you are wearing could be slowing your body’s recovery down, and/or even causing more aches and pains not just in your feet but in the rest of your body?! YIKES right?!


I recently started wearing the OOFOS® Oomg shoe from Zappos and I am obsessed!

These have been my comfy go-to lifestyle shoes for in between teaching and taking yoga classes, and most definitely my top pick for footwear while I am running errands around town on my recovery day! They are incredibly lightweight with a super minimalist design- they go with everything!!! I love that they are so easy to slip on and slip off, and I literally feel like I am walking on clouds when I wear them! What makes these shoes so special is the OOFoam Technology in the shoes! They come in black and gray; I got the grey but I may get the black as well because they are so great! Side note: my mom suffers from joint inflammation and bursitis and I just ordered her a pair too!

Ok so WHY do I love these shoes so darn much? The best thing for our feet is to be barefoot as often as possible so that the foot can keep it’s natural range of motion and mobility. When we wear tight constricting shoes or flat stiff shoes all day our feet literally stiffen up over time and we lose mobility and range of motion! Unfortunately in todays world we can’t just walk barefoot all day every day but the next best thing (in my opinion) are these OOFOS® Oomg shoes, and here’s why:

These shoes enable a NATURAL walking motion
The OOtex four-way stretch upper provides all-day comfort and the stretchable strap on top adds support without binding the foot.
The OOFoam Technology in the shoes helps reduce stress on sore foot, knees, and lower back.
They have a minimalist and lightweight construction = less is more!
The OOfoam footbed cushioning technology absorbs impact, cradles the arch, and promotes natural foot movement.

Happy feet = happy yogi 🙂 In addition to these amazing shoes I have been doing more epsom salt soaks and taking time to self massage my feet while I stretch all of which has been helping my body feel balanced and supple as I move through my yoga and fitness goals!

Click here to show your body some love by snagging your own pair of OOFOS® Oomg shoes!

PS: If you’re in a pinch, Zappos offers free two day shipping to Zappos rewards members! They also have a large selection, amazing 24/7 customer service, and a 365 day return policy! Who doesn’t love that?!